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Roberson Wireline INC  ...has lead the wireline industry in the Perryton area since 1961. Serving the Texas Panhandle as well as New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma, with an extensive fleet of slickline and braided line rigs, Roberson Wireline has the equipment, knowledge and experience to solve all your wireline needs.

Plunger Lift... is a very popular and effective means of gas & liquid production. The technology behind plunger lift is constantly changing and evolving. We've gone from manual clocks and simple solid plungers to fully automated microprocessor based controllers and plunger designed for virtually any downhole condition.

Roberson Wireline maintains a vast inventory of controllers, plungers and all the peripheral devices required for high quality effective plunger lift applications.

Roberson Automation... is a new venture, engaged in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of well monitoring and control, including:

  • H2S monitoring and emergency shut-down
  • Pumping unit monitoring and control
  • Gas lift monitoring
  • Compressor monitoring and control
  • Tank level monitoring and control
  • Plunger lift operation

Surface Automation... addresses two very important issues.

  • Effective production management and control
  • Controlling liquid spills and vented gas.

 Real time data presented on your office computer allows managers to be better informed, field technicians to be more productive and production to be increased exponentially while protecting the environment.

If you have any questions or production issues, we'd like to help. Please call today.




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